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Our Goals:

This organization has three main goals: 

1.Demonstrating climate change is not a political, but instead a scientific issue

2.Reinforcing current research on a global scale 

3.Inspiring the current generation to care about and understand climate change

To do this we propose a two part solution:

First, tell us your story. We want to hear what you think about climate change. What do you already know and what would you like to find out? These discussions, if they occur on one of our social media accounts, will be moderated by a member of our team. Your participation is the most important part of our organization, we strive to get you interested and involved in this issue.

Part two is called "Sea for yourself", in the coming months we hope to begin a publicly funded campaign that will raise the money necessary to assemble and ship five buoys around the world. They will be specially equipped to study ocean acidification. The purpose is to not only draw the world together in an effort to reinforce current data, but additionally to get teens excited about research. Details for entry will be released later.

Additionally, we hope to be doing significant research over the summer in our hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut, if you are interested in joining, please contact us!

We encourage all of you to be the change you want to see in the world, and hopefully add your voices to ours.

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What Does Our Name Mean?

Objective350's two part name can be explained in two brief ideas. First is objective, a word that means something uninfluenced by personal opinion or feelings. While climate change is an issue that matters deeply to this team, we have a duty to remain true to the facts. However, this isn't a difficult matter since the facts speak for themselves. 

Second is the number 350. This is the number everyone should know. 350 ppm is the absolute limit human CO2 emissions can reach to keep the Earth sustainable. As of 2014 these emissions were about 400 ppm.